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hey folks --

i am but a fledgeling artist trying to spread my cyber-wings. up until now i've been quietly perusing all your work from my dark, cold corner in wisconsin and its about damn time i put myself out there as well!

my stuff may not all fit into 'body painting' so well categorically speaking, i'm more multimedia... basically i work with anything i can find in mass quanity from thrift stores or the clearance rack of the local dollar store hehe.

ANYway, i'd appreciate any sort of commentary on my work [be brutal] i can take it :D

this is my latest piece. hopefully its the first in a series - my objective is to show (more than a little blatantly) some of the stereotypes ascribed to alternative communities, and those we shoose to slap on ourselves.

to see the rest of my artstuffs, please feel free to visit my wee virtual-hovel:

[ -bj ]

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Water Angel

This is one of the set I am working on that recently did with the wonderful and beautiful ANKHA. I hope that you all enjoy. Looking forward to comments. This is my bodypainting, photography and graphic design.
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Old bodypainting photo with Author Maria Alexander

This was from a bodypainting shoot with my friend and poet Maria Alexander.We did this one a few years ago in Hollywood, California, woohoo. Maria is quite the author, so here you see her painted up as a sort of vampire floral vixen of sorts. I dunno, what do you think?

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In any case, I hope you like it. I did touch it up briefly with some of my new skills. if you are not familiar with Maria's fascinating works her website is http://www.thehandlesspoet.com/

You can see more of my work at http://www.bryancrump.com
some prints of my work are also available at http://www.printroom.com/pro/bryancrump
I can also be reached at myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/neoquark
photography, fashion, bryan, crump

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Well Here are the thumbnails for two new pieces. Rather than putting them under a cut, I just made some thumbnails that you can click on to go to the page that they are on. These are two of a series of pieces that I am doing on my twist of the elements. This pics are fine art and some are nude, so they may not be work safe (NWS). Click and view at your own discretion. I hope you enjoy the pieces. Let me know what you think.

From March 23rd to the 26th, My art will be for sale at AGGIECON in College Station, TX

It will be at a booth along with my friend Alain Viesca Arts within the dealers room.

So stop by and buy some art. I will also have some of my photography for sale as well.

Vote for me here.....

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brand new

I am so in love with all the art work I have seen and am seeing in Body paint. I have always wanted to have something like this done and am hoping to do a costume for Labyrinth of Jareth Fantasy Masquerade in July (Los Angeles)... I'm sure it's exspenisve but if anyone out there is in LA and maybe interested in a deal + payment, please contact me.

I have a few pictures I can share of friends but thet're not upload to a disc or online. For now I'll just admire and drool.


Regarding friends only and posts to this community

Everyone who is true bodypainter and fans of such, shows, etc. are allowed to post into this group. I have left the membership open for the time being so we can get more members.

It is my hope that people will start posting more of their work as well. Remember if it does show obvious nudity, please put it behind an LJ-cut, by obvious i mean by the naughty areas showing and uncovered by paint. There are plenty of finger painting type things out there.

If someone posts something derogatory that is blatantly disrespectful, please alert one of the maintainers of the group.
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I posted a photo last night to this group only to be assaulted by some trolls with the loverly comment of "puke puke ... ect for 2 pages" i deleted the post, and would love to post again, but dont want to have to deal with such childish behaviour.. any thoughts?