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The World Bodypainting Community

A Journal and Network Place for Bodypainters and their fans

The Journal and Network Place for Bodypainters aro
Around the Globe
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This is a journal i have made to promote bodypainters from around the world, their work and shows that they can share each others creations. I will be contacting various competitions and see if they will become a part of this as well. My goal is to make this a source of information for people so they know what is going on in the world of bodypainting and body make-up.

I hope you all become active participators in the group and help promote it and get others to join as well. I will be leaving the community and open membership right now so we can get members and see who all is active and who is interested in becoming a maintainer as i will not be able to approve new members all the time once we get to that point. Again thank you for visiting us. I hope you become a part of the group.