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hey folks --

i am but a fledgeling artist trying to spread my cyber-wings. up until now i've been quietly perusing all your work from my dark, cold corner in wisconsin and its about damn time i put myself out there as well!

my stuff may not all fit into 'body painting' so well categorically speaking, i'm more multimedia... basically i work with anything i can find in mass quanity from thrift stores or the clearance rack of the local dollar store hehe.

ANYway, i'd appreciate any sort of commentary on my work [be brutal] i can take it :D

this is my latest piece. hopefully its the first in a series - my objective is to show (more than a little blatantly) some of the stereotypes ascribed to alternative communities, and those we shoose to slap on ourselves.

to see the rest of my artstuffs, please feel free to visit my wee virtual-hovel:

[ -bj ]

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