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How to paint the look of clothing?

I was wondering if any skilled body painters out there had any tips on how to paint realistic clothes? Like how do I go about creating the texture and shadows of clothing items like shirts or underwear? What's the best kind of paint to cover large areas on the body (liquid, cremes, cake? brands?) and should I just sponge the base colors or are there other techniques to fully cover a lot of skin at once? I'd be forever grateful for any advice or tutorials or pictures you can offer! I'm a paint brush artist, not an airbrusher by the way.

Also, this will be my first time painting a fully nude male model, and if anyone has any tips.. how to handle that? ;) Any advice or details on how exactly to go about painting male genitalia? Not just the professional etiquette, but also the technical logistics of how to paint everything!

Thanks so much! :)
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depending on what you want and how long you want it to last you may or may not want to use alcohol based makeups, they stay on longer and don't crack or rub off as easy and of course are a lot more resistant to moisture.

Ben Nye and Mehron have some good stuff and there is a place called totally tattoo.