Bryan Crump (neoquark) wrote in world_bodypaint,
Bryan Crump

new pictures, photo art, woohooo

Well Here are the thumbnails for two new pieces. Rather than putting them under a cut, I just made some thumbnails that you can click on to go to the page that they are on. These are two of a series of pieces that I am doing on my twist of the elements. This pics are fine art and some are nude, so they may not be work safe (NWS). Click and view at your own discretion. I hope you enjoy the pieces. Let me know what you think.

From March 23rd to the 26th, My art will be for sale at AGGIECON in College Station, TX

It will be at a booth along with my friend Alain Viesca Arts within the dealers room.

So stop by and buy some art. I will also have some of my photography for sale as well.

Vote for me here.....

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